Validating your raw materials, goods, and assets’ specifications, value, and safety.

Sanray offers a wide range of inspection services that can help you with your products, projects, and processes. Clients benefit from independent third-party inspections to protect their financial, branding, and legal interests across the entire supply chain, from raw materials to completed items, plant facilities, and assets. Manufacturers, merchants, merchants, plant operators, governments, and other buyers and sellers of materials and goods in global marketplaces can use our inspection services.

Inspections reduce the risk of defective products by ensuring that they meet consumer requirements as well as industry and government laws. This protects your company interests, helps you manage risk, and ensures that high-quality items are created and transported to their final destination according to the customer’s demands.
Inspectors with a lot of experience can help you spot things and shipments that might have non-standard or non-compliant components or materials in them. Agricultural items, crude oil, chemicals, and refined petroleum products, as well as consumer goods, toys, cosmetics, and food, are all tested and inspected on a regular basis during critical transportation, custody transfer, and storage procedures.
We also provide inspection and testing services to assist the life management of plant facilities such as power plants and oil refineries, ensuring that your assets are working safely and reliably.