Cargo Inspection of Petrochemicals

Inspection of bulk chemical shipments around the world

Sanray is a global leader in the inspection, surveying, measuring, and testing of petrochemical and chemical bulk commodities cargoes. Sanray reports, written by professional coordinators, chemists, and inspectors, assist clients in safeguarding their financial interests during cargo storage, transportation, custody transfer, and other commercial activities.

Sanray offers chemical inspection services all over the world, including 24/7 inspection coordination and reporting in the world’s key chemical ports and industrial locations, backed by the industry’s most advanced laboratory network. ASTM, ISO, and other industry standards are followed in the chemical testing facilities. Sanray is a member of the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA) and follows its policies and principles to the letter.

Inspection and testing of petrochemical cargo:

  • Chemical Tankers in Bulk
  • Barges for Chemicals
  • Storage on the ground, in a shore tank, and at a terminal
  • Containers with the ISO standard
  • Pipelines are a type of pipeline.
  • Cars with Tanks
  • Testing of Petrochemicals
  • Plants that produce petrochemicals
  • Refineries of petroleum