Inspection of Food

Food inspection can be used as a dedicated quality management tool and a checkpoint to ensure the quality and safety of your commodities at the earliest logistical stage, directly in your sourcing locations.

Globalisation and technological advancements have combined to produce a complicated food supply chain with numerous and different players. Food safety and quality might be jeopardised by a lack of quality monitoring mechanisms, complex logistics structures, food handling procedures, and other reasons. To ensure the quality and safety of your products, as a manufacturer, supplier, or caterer, it is critical to monitor and maintain healthy, hygienic, and hospitable environments along the supply chain.

Food inspection allows you to control a set number of samples within a defined lot and adhere to a pre-determined sampling plan based on specific points of control in order to identify problems at their source, maintain product consistency, ensure local and legal regulations are followed during transportation, and improve your company’s image.

Sanray inspectors can help with DPI (During Production Inspection), FRI (Final Random Inspection), and LS (Loading Supervision) to guarantee that all quality and safety standards are followed.

DPI :During Production Inspection

Throughout the manufacturing process, samples are taken to guarantee that the required level of quality is met and maintained consistently.

FRI:Final Random Inspection

At the end of the manufacturing process and before delivery, random product samples are gathered and inspected to confirm that all needed quality criteria have been satisfied.

LS:Loading Supervision

During the loading process, the completed items are inspected to verify that only the goods that fulfil all required quality criteria are loaded and shipped.