Inspection of Chemical Cargo

Inspection and testing services for chemical and petrochemical bulk freight.

On a global scale, Sanray provides clients with competent inspection and testing services for bulk chemical cargo shipments. Sanray offers vital quality, purity, and quantity services for precious bulk chemical cargo around the world,24/7 basis.

Inspection of bulk chemical and petrochemical inventories and custody transfers:

  • Inspection Coordination at a Global Level
  • Chemical Tank Measurement
  • Monitoring of the Atmosphere
  • Sampling of Chemical Products
  • Inspection of Tank Cleanliness and Tank Wall Wash
  • Cargo Transfer and Lightering from Tankers
  • Rigs for Automatic Sampling
  • Cargo Discrepancy is being investigated.
  • Sampling in accordance with accepted industry standards
  • Transport of Samples to the Laboratory
  • Retaining and Testing Samples
  • Services for Cargo Additive Treatment
  • Testing of Petrochemicals
  • Analyze Traces