Pipe Traceability and Inspection

Easily accessible. Insight. Accuracy.

Sanray PipeAware is a cutting-edge digital technology that combines pipeline traceability with inspection data to provide useful, real-time pipeline quality and compliance information.The oil and gas pipeline business is quickly increasing, necessitating more regulatory and traceability scrutiny, which necessitates pipeline owners and operators adhering to strict and escalating regulatory compliance standards.

Sanray’s pipeline quality verification solution effectively manages complicated piping supply chain projects, ensuring that materials meet not only regulatory requirements, but also client and industry quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.

Customers gain full transparency into the manufacturing process, near real-time monitoring of crucial data, and always-accessible digital records, which are crucial for assurance and compliance purposes, by merging tracking and inspection into one activity. Pipeware provides complete client confidence in pipe manufacturing operations by verifying that all inspection data meets preset specifications, resulting in an end-to-end systemic Total Quality Assurance solution. Furthermore, having access to this data long after pipeline building and deployment projects are completed is critical in the event of an incident or problem requiring quality assurance for research and resolution.