Inspections assist clients in reducing risk by assuring that goods comply with both industry and government laws.

The International Federation of Inspection Agencies has accredited Sanray as a premier agricultural inspection body (IFIA). We provide a broad spectrum of agricultural commodity inspection services to safeguard our clients’ interests and reputations.

We discover issues at the source before they become a problem, conduct pre-shipment inspections, and supervise cargo loading, discharging, weighing, and screening as a trusted third-party inspector.

Cleanliness in the Tank and the Hold:

Understanding the state of your cargo’s tanks and holds is critical to its safe transportation. Contamination, infestation, or humidity can harm or ruin your goods, and refusing to load due to hygiene concerns can be expensive. Our expert inspectors ensure that the holds and tanks are clean and dry, devoid of contamination from prior cargo, and pest-free.

Taking a sample:

Samples are gathered according to contract guidelines and vary depending on the type of item, your unique needs, and international norms. We try to ensure the quality of your samples at every stage. We ensure that all samples are returned to our laboratories within the required timeframe after collection to ensure representative and accurate results.

Calculating the weight:

Our pre-shipment inspection services can be customised to meet your individual needs, but they all aim to ensure that your goods is packed, loaded, and sent in accordance with your standards. Shipment risks can be reduced with efficient, precise loading and unloading supervision. To preserve the value of your goods, accurate, certified weighing at port terminals is critical.


Factual evidence regarding the state of your items enables you to make quick judgments about whether to accept or reject them, as well as to make timely payments to producers or suppliers. Our professionals can visit warehouses, silos, and port terminals to inspect, analyze, and grade items in accordance with industry standards.