Sanray can help you create the powerful, dependable goods and processes you’ll need to power the globe.

The global economy is powered and fed by the energy and commodities sectors of today. The smooth and efficient functioning of these projects is critical for long-term energy growth and environmental protection. Businesses may design, develop, manufacture, and run more successful and valuable products and processes by employing sanray’s global energy and commodities testing, inspection, and certification services.

Sanray’s energy expertise helps clients in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, petroleum refining and distribution, petrochemicals, power production, nuclear power, solar, biofuels, tidal, wave, and wind power. This gives us a high-level, cross-sectional view of energy sector topics and trends that affect current and future business development, allowing us to see insights and opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed. Our global network can also provide clients with logistical, testing, inspection, certification, and consulting services to help them operate their operations more efficiently and safely while safeguarding their expensive assets, goods, and infrastructure.

Commodities are the raw elements on which the modern world’s produced goods, products, and food are based. We assist raw material producers, distributors, and processors in improving quality control, loss management, and financial risk reduction. Partnering with Sanray┬áimproves products and processes, resulting in a more successful product and path for everyone involved.

From the field to the fork, agricultural products are tested and inspected.

Expertise in biofuel quality testing and inspection.

Inspection and testing of coal and solid fuels around the world.

Risk management for hydrogen production, delivery, infrastructure, storage, fuel cells, and a variety of other applications.

Services in the exploration and mining industries include analytical expertise, geochemistry, inspection, and certification.

Steam generators, pipes, condition monitoring, and operational assessment are all areas of expertise for nuclear power plants.

Get help with your production, engineering, training, quality, and inspection needs, whether you’re in the upstream, midstream, or downstream sector.

Improve product safety, dependability, and speed to market to stay ahead of the surge in the power equipment industry.

Improve the profitability, safety, and performance of your power production operations while reducing business risk.

Examine the solar PV panels, modules, inverters, converters, and accessories for safety, efficiency, and field performance. Assess the quality and efficiency of wind and tidal products, as well as the reliability of renewable energy in our infrastructure.