Services in the Construction Industry

The safe and successful execution of large-scale construction projects, whether offshore or on land, necessitates the involvement of internationally competent experts. Companies require support with construction-related operations such as project planning, procurement, health and safety, project site inspection, and other quality services to effectively manage projects.

Every project has its own set of needs, including sticking to a timeline, minimizing staff safety concerns, and staying within budget. It will take technical knowledge in construction management assistance to make this happen. Every stage of the building timeline benefits from the added value of local expertise as well as overall expert services. We can assist you in completing your construction project safely and successfully as a major provider of technical services to the worldwide energy, engineering, and construction industries.

We’ve provided specialist services for rigs and other offshore structures, pipelines, refineries, and power plants in the energy industry in the past. We’ve also worked on large-scale projects like bridges, telecommunications infrastructures, and chemical plants. Supply chain procurement assistance, project planning, monitoring, and progress control, site inspection and non-destructive testing services, health, safety, and environmental management, and data and records traceability and management are just a few of the services available.

Our qualified, experienced employees are strategically situated in the world’s most active industrial areas, ready to work directly with you as a comprehensive on-site service team or as individual specialists focusing on specific assignments.

Our position as a leading provider of construction services for the global energy, engineering, and construction sectors stems from our work on some of the world’s largest and most technically challenging projects over the last century. Our diverse capabilities enable us to design solutions to your specific requirements, and our global presence enables us to provide construction support services anywhere in the world.