Sanray provides expedited field labelling and evaluation services to help you receive approval from local inspectors and get your items in compliance as quickly as possible.

When a building authority or inspector “red tags” an unlabeled product, it cannot be used until all applicable product safety criteria are met. Sanray labels unlabeled electrical/gas equipment, fire doors and frames, and windows in the field.


For product safety certification, sanray is recognised by OSHA (as a NRTL), ANSI, and the model building code organisations. The accreditations and inspectors in our international network differ by location.

Products Powered by Electricity and Gas

Sanray will assess your product immediately and assist you in securing permission from the appropriate authorities (AHJs).

Sanitation Inspections

Sanray can label food service equipment for sanitation and/or safety compliance and can provide field labelling for restaurants, hotels, and other venues.

Doors, frames, and windows for fires

Sanray labels fire doors, frames, and windows in the field. Inspectors can examine their checklist and provide you with a state of preparedness for your facility by having your fire doors or openings labelled with our mark prior to inspection.