Chemicals are utilised in practically every product and aspect of our everyday lives, so it’s critical that they’re manufactured efficiently and in accordance with regulatory requirements. At every step of the global supply chain, potential health risks must be discovered and assessed. Sanray can help you meet new hurdles in your business, such as complex manufacturing and new regulatory requirements, so you can get to market swiftly and ethically.

Our global network of scientists, inspectors, auditors, engineers, and regulatory specialists can help you and your company comply with regulatory and safety requirements, manage risk, maintain product integrity, and fulfil sustainability and environmental goals at any stage of your chemical product’s life cycle. We can assist you in testing and analysing any substance, no matter how complex.

Chemical manufacture is inherently complicated, requiring costly infrastructure and specialised equipment. Our corrosion and asset integrity experts at Sanray provide testing and advice on the life management of chemical production facilities and critical equipment in hazardous locations in order to reduce the risk of material and asset failure and enhance your operations’ overall safety.

Expertise in agrochemicals and pesticides to help you take your product from concept to market.

Understanding chemical composition and procedures will assist you in meeting quality, environmental, and safety requirements.

To achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals and dyes, a high standard of chemical safety must be maintained throughout the supply chain.

A high quality of chemical safety must be maintained throughout the supply chain to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals, detergents, and dyes.

With lubricants, fluids, and additives testing, as well as inspection and certification for technical, performance, and lifespan qualities, we help our customers go to market and maintain expensive machinery.

Supporting the development of the next generation of nanomaterials.

Expert testing, inspection, certification, outsourcing, compliance, and other services and expertise are provided to the global petrochemical industry.

Our expert scientists and engineers provide integrated polymer processing, testing, and development services.