Audit and Trainings


Auditing ensures that you are in conformity with global market, industry, and regulatory regulations. Expert auditing can help your company grow by providing you with the validated data you need to make informed decisions on everything from quality of product to business security.

Our team gives you the tools to review and improve your business while fulfilling both external and internal customer expectations, from discussing best practices and new industry regulations to reviewing your performance and goods against your own objectives.

We can evaluate your products, procedures, and operations to assure compliance requirements, product quality, supply chain compliance, workplace safety, social accountability, and overall corporate security, among other things. Our audits range from simple company transaction verification to complete human, process, and system inspections. We’ve also created a set of risk-based assessment tools and audit services to help multinational firms assess and compare their suppliers while also managing and tracking their performances.


Provide your employees with the necessary training to help your company grow.

Frontline Worker Training with Sanray Alchemy

Sanray Alchemy assists businesses in providing their frontline personnel with the information and confidence they require to improve safety, productivity, culture, and compliance. Leading industrial firms all around the world use our cutting-edge training technologies, award-winning courseware, mobile coaching tools, and compliance validation platform.

Without entire quality assurance, you can’t have comprehensive quality assurance. Sanray Alchemy assists you in evaluating, monitoring, and improving the abilities and performance of your staff.

Leadership Education Academy

You need leaders with the most up-to-date skill sets and who are ready to perform to their full potential. Our trained teachers deliver critical knowledge through logical, in-depth, and helpful training sessions on-site, in the field, online eLearning, and at Sanray sites across the world.

Global and regional regulatory advancements, customer and legal compliance requirements, good manufacturing practises, quality management system certification, new technology and markets, sourcing and development requirements, testing strategy, and more are all covered by our experience. We assist our clients and their supply chain management in satisfying requirements, improving company processes and goods, and satisfying expectations through our expert training services.

Among the courses we offer are:

  • Take things at your own pace online education
  • Scheduled courses with specified dates, times, and places, including Sanray centers across the world that are suitable for the task.
  • Options taught on your premises that are specifically tailored to your needs.

By utilising our training specialists and services, you can be assured that your company is doing everything possible to keep your critical employees at the top of their game.