Benchmarking of Laboratories

Benchmarking and assessment investigations, as well as laboratory consultation.

For clients, Sanray measures and analyses laboratory efficiencies objectively. Sanray laboratory productivity and measurement experts assess a client’s laboratory infrastructure and use benchmarking criteria. The use of proven procedures in a laboratory benchmarking research ensures that our clients have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. Corporate and individual laboratory owners may consider outsourcing or transferring analytical testing and laboratory tasks to Sanray, depending on the conditions. The laboratory benchmarking method is a key initial step in such an examination.

Evaluation of laboratory benchmarking performance:

Benchmarking studies for the laboratory services measurement supply chain are the starting point for laboratory performance evaluation solutions. Sanray analyses and benchmarks internal laboratory performance, from productivity to quality, using laboratory evaluation criteria. Sanray is a global leader in laboratory outsourcing and analytical services, with commercial labs in the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, consumer, and allied industries. The organization has a lot of experience with laboratory operations. With a careful eye on quality, efficiency, and productivity, these specialists audit, measure, and assess laboratory operations.

Sanray specialists’ laboratory benchmarking measures include:

  • The price of a laboratory unit
  • Efficiency and productivity in the laboratory
  • Customer service and laboratory quality
  • Assurance in the laboratory
  • Technology used in laboratories
  • Expertise available on-site