Solutions for Social Responsibility

Sanray assists you in identifying and responding to irresponsible behaviours in your supply chain as your trusted partner in social accountability.

Sanray’s Responsible Sourcing Assurance solutions help multinational companies track and assess worker rights and safety at facilities across the supply chain. Organizations can not only safeguard their brands from reputational risk, but also address critical global labour issues, thanks to third-party verification.

Sanray offers a package of services to help organizations manage worker rights and safety in facilities throughout the supply chain as a founding member of Responsible Sourcing solutions with our clients and colleagues.

Sanray provides a suite of responsible sourcing solutions that enable you to showcase your profiles and good practices while improving material efficiency through sustainable environmental practices, social responsibility in terms of security and workplace conditions, and ensuring your organization and suppliers meet the needs of tomorrow’s employees, Sanray can help your company meet its ethical sourcing goals everywhere it does business because it has the world’s largest auditor network.