Providing you with the ability to detect and mitigate inherent risk in your operations, supply chains, and business processes.

Assurance looks at the underlying aspects that make a company and its goods successful, in addition to testing, inspection, and certification. Sanray’s assurance solutions give you complete peace of mind by ensuring that your operating methods, systems, and people are all in good working order, giving you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Our comprehensive audits, performance benchmarking, and supply chain services give you insight into every element of company operations, helping you to make well-informed business decisions. Our training services ensure that your workforce’s skills are up to date and relevant. And our experts work with clients all over the world to monitor overall performance, laboratory quality and efficiency, identify and mitigate risks, streamline production processes and supply networks, and much more.

Sanray is unrivalled in its capacity to provide customized quality assurance solutions to meet each of our customers’ unique requirements, with solutions in a wide range of fields.

Sanray does not give management system certification consultation services. Sanray’s consulting services are kept separate and apart from its testing and certification services.

Assurance Services:

Total Quality Management

Process Safety Management

Quality and Performance Benchmarking

Energy Management

Environment and Sustainability