Sanray gives the transportation industry peace of mind by ensuring that its goods and services exceed stringent safety and quality requirements.

Many factors influence the successful functioning of transportation systems, including local and international regulations, as well as rigorous safety, logistical, and efficiency standards. The construction and maintenance of transportation modes such as aeroplanes, trains, automobiles, and ships also presents substantial obstacles, as safety and reliability are essential. Not only do strict industry norms govern the manufacture of components and parts ranging from engines to interiors to exteriors and everything in between, but they also control in-service inspection and maintenance.

Sanray’s transportation services include all aspects of our clients’ demands, including consultation, auditing, certification, and inspection, as well as outsourcing, quality assurance, testing, and training.Our global network of offices, laboratories, and staff enables us to give your organisation with the local and international knowledge it need to operate with confidence, knowing that safety, environmental, and quality standards are met.