Manufacturing And Industry Technical Auditing And Assessment

Before placing an order, businesses want to know that the manufacturer they’ve chosen has the necessary infrastructure, systems, procedures, and capacities to complete it. They must also guarantee that local and international quality and safety requirements are met across all of their overseas vendors, as well as throughout the manufacturing and delivery process.

More organisations are turning to lower-cost vendors in countries with less developed quality, sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery systems, ranging from multinational corporations with complicated worldwide supply chains to small firms facing rising manufacturing prices. This necessitates firms maintaining uniform, accepted standards while collaborating with a multitude of providers across multiple geographies. Through a rigorous and independent vendor assessment, we can assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of vendor capabilities.

Internal audits are performed by our dependable, accredited auditors, allowing firms and their vendors to achieve quality standards without incurring the cost of hiring an internal auditor.

Audits normally focus on a vendor’s systems, processes, and capabilities, though the criteria can be adjusted to your needs. Pre-contract evaluations and conformity testing to international standards, such as quality (ISO 9001), health and safety (ISO 18001), environmental management (ISO 14001), and laboratories, are examples of audits (ISO 17025). In the wake of an audit’s findings, we also offer recommendations for remedial and preventative activities, as well as follow-up evaluations to ensure that those measures are being carried out effectively.

We also offer audits of Approved Vendor Lists, which allow you to keep a current list of approved suppliers in advance of future projects.

We can serve your auditing and assessment needs everywhere in the world because we are a global operator. Our experts are based in the world’s key industrial hubs, allowing them to provide quick and cost-effective access to expertise while also delivering the benefit of in-depth local knowledge.

Our Total Quality Assurance auditors are certified to assess businesses against both national and international standards. We are also committed to ongoing training, development, and competency testing in order to stay current with current standards and law. Technical audits and assessment services can assist protect your company from the risks of selecting vendors. In addition, our services can aid in cost reduction, quality improvement, and continual improvement.