With our knowledge and diversified services across global operations and supply chains, we assist your industrial production, equipment, assets, and processes.

Globalization and regulation are affecting the way you optimize production, equipment, assets, and processes in the industrial sector. Wherever you are in the supply chain, your focus is on increasing safety and dependability, lowering costs, and shortening time to market while adhering to local and international standards to reduce business risk.

To fulfil these objectives, Sanray provides creative and unique quality assurance solutions. Our network of global experience and services enables our customers to move ahead securely, from helping you get industrial equipment to markets throughout the world swiftly and efficiently, to asset integrity management of your facilities, to maintaining regulatory compliance.

Quality assurance, testing, and inspection, as well as education and advising services, product and process design and development, supply chain management, and plant and asset optimization are all services we offer. With Sanray’s global knowledge, you can rest assured that our prompt and effective services will keep you compliant and competitive.

Power Equipment

You have a well-known brand, and customers trust you to supply equipment that is both efficient and productive. We understand your particular issues and can help you fulfil the expectations of your markets and consumers with the speed and efficiency you need.

Tools and Machines

Our experts can assist you in ensuring that your products satisfy regulatory requirements both locally and internationally, as well as conduct EMC testing and provide a product report.

Analyzing and Testing Materials

With a global network of laboratories and expertise in the creation, processing, characterization, and testing of diverse and innovative materials, Sanray delivers analytical and physical analysis for a wide range of materials.

Monitoring the state of the oil (Preventative Maintenance)

Predictive maintenance plans and oil condition monitoring (OCM) tests help clients avoid costly machinery, engine, and powertrain problems. Sanray OCM tests detect lubricant engine wear, lubricant quality degradation, and other issues by measuring engine oils, lubricating oils, and other fluids.