Training for the Petroleum Industry

Sanray offers professional training in a variety of areas, including petroleum and refined products logistics, loss control, quantity management, quality control, measurement and calibration, and more.

When working with petroleum and refined products, managing quality and quantity control issues is difficult and full of ever-changing variables. The best method to improve your business management is to gain industry knowledge and expertise. Sanray professionals have many years of hands-on expertise in the industry and are highly suited to assist your key employees in understanding and anticipating the difficulties and solutions that are available to help you product your cargo, production, and financial assets.

Sanray training for customers in the petroleum, refining, and allied industries can take place on-site at the customer’s facility or at Sanray offices and laboratories.

Training in petroleum, petroleum refined products, and petrochemicals comprises the following topics:

  • Introduction to petroleum, refining, petrochemicals, and refined goods, as well as an overview
  • Controlling cargo loss
  • Inspection of cargo quantity
  • Testing of cargo quality
  • Specifications for fuel
  • Assessment of crude oil and feedstock quality
  • Treatments for cargo additives
  • Blending of fuels
  • Sampling and measurement of cargo
  • Inspection, sampling, and testing of cargo on ships, barges, pipelines, and railcars
  • Measuring and calibrating tanks
  • Methods of testing are described, as well as how to employ them.
  • Situations, trends, and observations in general
  • Miscellaneous

Sanray workshops, seminars, and presentations are provided to qualified industry professionals across the world, and will vary depending on region, need, and topic. For further information, please contact us through this website or your local Sanray salesperson.