Profile of Sustainability Benchmarks

Sanray’s health and environmental experts can assist your organisation in understanding and complying with current and future sustainability regulations that affect your products.

Customers and stakeholders are increasingly asking businesses to offer information on their sustainability profile and activities. Sustainable development satisfies current needs without jeopardising future generations’ ability to meet their own.How does your company intend to address the expectations of new and expanding customers and stakeholders? What are your sustainability goals, and how can you achieve commercial benefits?

Services for Sustainability Benchmark Profiles

Sanray, a global leader in health and environmental services, offers business sustainability services to organizations of all kinds and levels. Sanray’s subject matter specialists will be available to customers. We assist our customers in benchmarking against the competition, defining a company or product strategy, and implementing sustainable activities in order to realize long-term sustainability gains.

The Company Sustainability Profile Benchmark for Sanray will:

  • Examine your company’s present sustainability efforts in light of the competition as well as customer and stakeholder expectations.
    • Examines sustainability objectives and compares them to:
    • Competition and industry
    • Regulations
    • Competitiveness of the product
    • Benefits of Customer Communication
  • Set sustainability criteria for locations or processes to benchmark.

The following items will be included in the final Company Strategy Report:

  • Criteria and outcomes of the evaluation
  • Data for comparison and a report
  • Suggestion for a Corporate Sustainability Strategy
  • Suggestion for implementation