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Food safety Auditing verifies that your management system meets the required standards, allowing you to improve procedures and increase market exposure.

The necessity for standardised, internationally acceptable food safety audits has arisen as supply chains have become more globalised and complex. Food safety audits increase supply chain transparency and traceability, improving quality and efficiency while lowering costs and risk.

Sanray provides a variety of food safety certification services for your systems, processes, and products, all of which are performed by a team of qualified auditors. Sanray, as a seasoned food certification agency, can provide you with more than just a certificate. Because of our global presence, we can fulfil your demands and guide you through the full auditing and certification process, assisting you in overcoming obstacles and maximizing the benefits. We are certified to award certification for a wide range of standards that are considered global benchmarks for food industry best practice, as well as a variety of other domestically and internationally recognized standards. Sanray also offers Good Catering Practice (GCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) audit programmes to assist your company.