Inspection Services for Petroleum Cargo

Inspection and testing of bulk petroleum (crude oil) cargo

When trading and transporting high-value petroleum cargo movements, Sanray’s petroleum (crude oil) and petroleum-products bulk cargo inspection services help ensure quality and quantity. Sanray inspection knowledge is available  round the clock to trading parties around the world,  Sanray’s global network of offices and laboratories coordinates the inspection and testing of petroleum cargo movements as required by our clients.

Inventory and custody transfer examination of bulk petroleum and refined products:

  • Tank sizing
  • Surveys of Bunkers
  • Monitoring of the Atmosphere
  • Product Sampling in accordance with Industry Standards
  • Inspection of the cleanliness of the tank
  • Wash the inside of the tank
  • Lightering for Tankers
  • Sampling Automatically
  • Cargo Inconsistencies are being investigated
  • Sampling and Transport of Samples
  • Laboratory Testing and Retention of Sample Quality
  • Inspection Services for Offshore Lightering
  • Rail Car Services for Crude Oil
  • Services for Cargo Additive Treatment (Global)
  • Additive Treatment for Cargo