Inspection of Electrical Products

Sanray’s Product Quality Inspections can help you defend your brand and reputation by reducing defective merchandise, unsatisfied customers, non-compliant products, and late shipments.

Manufacturers must ensure that the items they create, transport, and distribute under their brand name comply with industry standards, government regulations, and their own special criteria. Sanray can undertake a range of on-site inspections as an independent third-party inspection and testing business to ensure that your brand, reputation, and customers are protected. Manufacturers can benefit from product quality inspections in the following ways:

  • Prior to shipment, make sure the goods is safe.
  • Reduce the number of defective products.
  • Reduce the number of consumer complaints about substandard items.
  • Detect non-standard or non-compliant components in merchandise.
  • Reduce the number of late deliveries.

Sanray provides a variety of quality inspection services based on your individual requirements throughout the manufacturing process.

Inspections Prior to Production:

Before production begins, Sanray will verify raw materials and components. We’ll double-check that the factory ordered the necessary materials, components, and accessories after receiving product samples. We’ll also choose and evaluate a sample of partially created products at random for potential flaws, then report back to you on our findings. If necessary, we can provide technical assistance to the plant in order to increase product quality and reduce the risk of defects during manufacturing.

During Inspections of the Manufacturing Process:

During Production Inspections are appropriate for large-scale shipments, continuous production lines, severe on-time delivery requirements, and as a follow-up if bad findings were discovered during Pre-Production Inspection. During Production Inspections are usually performed when 10-15% of the goods has been completed. Sanray will inspect the production batch as well as other products on the line for any potential flaws.At this point, we will detect any variations and provide advise on how to correct them so that the product and quality remain consistent. We’ll also double-check any problems found during Pre-Production Inspection to make sure they’ve been fixed.

Random Inspections at the End:

Only once production is complete and all item is ready and packed for shipment can final random inspections begin. We’ll sample products using a statistical method based on industry standards to ensure product safety, quantity, workmanship, function, colour, size, and packing, among other things. This assures that your product complies with all country, industry, and other regulations, and that no crucial big or small faults are present.

Oversight of loading:

A Sanray representative will closely supervise the loading process, verify product quantities, and ensure correct cargo handling during loading supervision. The container(s) will be sealed with Sanray tape as proof of compliance after they have been completed. The risk of importing freight is greatly reduced with this solution.

On-Site Inspection:

Depending on the nature and use of a product, on-site inspection may be required. However, during Pre-Production, Production, and Final Random Inspections, the following exams can be performed on-site:

  • Check for Bar Codes
  • Checking the Earth’s Continuity
  • Hi-Pot Inspection
  • Check for Power Consumption
  • Check for power.
  • Water Check by Rubbing
  • 3M Tape’s Tape Check
  • Drop Check on Transportation

Sanray can keep track of your entire manufacturing process, from finding the correct supplier to receiving the completed product. Our global services and accreditations make the process easier and confident that the quality of your products is what you expect.