Inspection, sampling, and analysis of minerals

Independent inspection, sampling, testing, and certification services provided by Sanray help to protect the quantity and quality of mineral resources while lowering commercial risk in the trading climate.

Sanray has been offering skilled and dependable bulk material inspection quality and quantity services for over 130 years. Our teams of trained surveyors and samplers are strategically positioned in major ports, airports, mines, smelters, and warehouses to represent and protect our clients’ interests, allowing our international clients to establish clear intervention activity standards at load and discharge ports.

Sanray’s trade inspectors and samplers conduct surveys, weigh, and sample a variety of high-value bulk commodities and concentrates. Elemental analysis is a critical service offered for all commodities, with locally certified laboratories for shipment analysis and internationally specialised laboratories for party assays. Commercial contracts and settlement by party exchanges are supported by Sanray certificates of weight and consistency. Laboratory Services, a leading independent analytical specialist recognized as a market leader for precision, service, and efficiency, provides umpire research.

Services provide inspection, monitoring, sampling, and analysis:

Sampling Techniques

Automated Sample Preparation and Mechanical Sampling

Sampling, sample preparation, and analytical services at the port

Independent verifications of the weight and quality of the product 

Assay Services for Company

Marine and Vessel Services

Inventory Counting

Agreements for Stock Monitoring