Minerals Laboratory Systems of Robotics and Automation

Minerals laboratory robotic and automated systems that are state-of-the-art and built to meet unique laboratory needs.

Sanray automated and robotic sample systems, which range from single cells to fully integrated systems, provide complete end-to-end sampling and analysis solutions.
Rapid sample throughput, unprecedented accuracy, the elimination of human error, a detailed audit trail, synchronised process control, reliability, and completely programmable comminution parameters are all benefits of using advanced robotics sample handling technology for minerals research. The use of programmable parameters ensures that ores are consistently handled.

Employees’ OH&S exposure is reduced, and heavy lifting is eliminated with robotic systems. Personnel are often kept apart from potentially dangerous products, which improves protection.

Capabilities in robotics and automated minerals laboratories include:

  • Sampling Techniques
  • Preparation of Semi-Automated Samples
  • Robotic Sample Preparation that is Automated
  • Analytical Systems that are Automated
  • Analytical Robotic Systems
  • Instrumentation that is integrated

At Sanray On-Site Laboratories, clients may order the implementation of robotic Total Quality Assurance solutions.

Mineral Testing