Laboratory Services on-Site

Mobile sample preparation services, customized on-site laboratories, and fully automated robotic laboratories are all available on-site.

Clients may use specialised automated on-site laboratory systems to handle the complexities of staffing in remote locations while also improving performance, accuracy, and safety.  Sanray’s mineral analyses are quick, reliable, and independent, allowing mines to effectively manage their process control and regulatory reporting requirements.

Sanray is a multinational mineral commodities company that designs, commissions, and operates customised port and on-site laboratories and sample preparation facilities in remote locations. Sanray provides clients with a complete solution for every size of exploration, mine or port site laboratory installation, from design to contract management, through a dedicated mine site services project team.

Sanray’s vast global laboratory network offers technological and personnel support, as well as the opportunity to leverage global equipment and service provider agreements and the security of working with a global market leader.
Sanray will provide world-class experience and Total Quality Assurance services to your port or on-site laboratory, allowing your company to concentrate energy and money on its core sector.

On-Site Assistance

Laboratories on-site and outsourcing services

Laboratory Systems that are Automated and Robotic

Analytical Services, Port Site Sampling, and Sampling Preparation

Sample Preparation and Laboratories on the Go

Consultancy, Design, and Audits for Minerals Laboratories

Inspection and surveying services for minerals

Monitoring the condition of the oil