Sanray can assist you in meeting the ever-changing requirements for defence and armed forces equipment.

Equipment must be able to withstand the worst conditions. Every single time.
We can help with CE marking, EMC and environmental testing, materials testing, PPE testing, fuels and lubricants analysis, automotive engine development, and vehicle performance testing, as well as a comprehensive suite of analytical and advisory services.

Testing of Textiles

The police, military, and other government departments rely on our specialised textile team for conventional and customised services. Personal Protective Equipment, general duty gear, body armour, packs, specialised regalia and accoutrements, and a number of related accessories are all included in the product evaluation. We work on re-life projects for in-service and stored PPE, benchmarking for new tenders or research, base-line specification review, audits, inspections, and support with specification creation and evaluation, in addition to routine and tender testing services.

Analysis of Lubricants and Fuels:

Technical expertise and testing capability in all areas of fuels, lubricants, and greases, including support for the implementation of specifications and approvals, in-service support for issues arising in the transport, storage, and use of fuels, lubricants, and greases, and in-service oil condition monitoring.

Testing for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) :

Sanray provides electrical system and EMC testing expertise at the component and system level, in accordance with defence and Indian military standards.

Forensic Analysis and Nondestructive Testing:

Our expertise also assist in the analysis of failures or flaws that occur in the field, as well as research and development programmes and trials.

Automotive Testing: 

Our automotive experts provide specialist guidance and consultation on a wide range of topics, including Type Approval laws, whole vehicle testing, and powertrain testing and development.