Preparation of Geological Samples

Given the extremely volatile existence of mineral samples, geological sample preparation is a critical step in the analytical process.

The aim of sample preparation is to create a homogeneous sub-sample that is representative of the material that has been submitted to the lab. The basis of quality analysis is representative sub-sampling, which is made possible by proper sample preparation. In order to promote decomposition techniques and minimise particle size effects in techniques like XRF, sample preparation is also important for the liberation of elements of interest for representative sub-sampling. Strict adherence to storage, protection, and quality procedures ensures that sample preparation quality requirements are met.

The type and size of the sample, the mineralogy, and the client’s analytical and budgetary criteria all influence which sample preparation procedures are used. For widely used procedures, sample preparation kits are available. Please get in touch with one of our Laboratory Managers to explore the best choices for your needs.

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