Mineral Resources Services List

Sanray Minerals offers comprehensive analytical services to the mineral, exploration, ore, and mining industries around the world.

On a global scale, Sanray provides world-class mineral assay and research facilities. Sample Preparation, Fire Assay and Precious Metal Analysis, Exploration Geochemistry, Ores and Commodity Testing, Environmental Services, On Site Laboratories, Coal Testing and Inspection, Consulting Services, Minerals Inspections, and Robotics and Automated Laboratory Systems are just some of the Total Quality Assurance services offered by our network of Mineral laboratory facilities.

For a complete list of Sanray’s global inspection, mineral assaying, and analytical testing facilities, please contact us.

Mineral Resources Services List

Digestive Acids

Prediction Tests for Acid Rock Drainage

Soils of Acid Sulphate

Aluminium Ore (Aluminum Ore) (Bauxite)

Air Quality

Aqua Regia is a brand of water.

Laboratory Automation and Robotics, as well as Sample Preparation

Analysis of Base Metals

Bauxite is a form of bauxite that (Aluminium Ore)

Mineral exploration and bio-geochemistry

Analysis of Biological Tissue

Digest of Bottle Rolls

Analysis of Bio-vegetation

Commodities in Bulk

Analysis of Carbon and Sulfur

Loading and unloading of cargo, as well as supervision and final trimming

Services for Certification

Ore of Chromite

Inspection and Testing of Coal

Putting things together

Services for Conflict Minerals

Advisory Services

Cutting Cores for Geological Samples

Leach of Cyanide

Recovery of Davis Tubes

Services in design and consulting

Analyses of Drinking Water

Services in Ecotoxicology

Surveying with EM and Magnetometer

Air Quality Emissions

Laboratory Facilities for Environmental Testing

Geochemistry of Exploration

Ore of Fe (Iron)

Assay for Fire

Analysis of a Fusion

Testing with Gas Chromatography

Data Interpretation and Geochemical Analysis

Preparation of Geological Samples

Geophysics is a branch of physics that deals

Services for Gold Assay

Analysis of Gravimetric Data

ICP-MS and ICP-OES are two types of ICP.

Advice on Import, Clearance, and Logistics

Inspections by a third party, draught surveys, and physical testing

Services of Inspection

Ore of Iron (Fe)

Audits of laboratories

Analysis of Lithium

Lithogeochemistry is the study of the chemical composition of soil.

Ignition Loss

Ore of Manganese

Inspections of the seas

Metallurgy is the study of metal.

Laboratories on Mine Sites

Services for Mineral Assay

Geochemistry of Mineral Exploration

Inspection and surveying of minerals

Processing of Minerals

Mineralogy is the study of minerals.

Moisture Analysis

Assays with Several Elements

Acid Production (Net) (NAG)

Nickel Laterite is a nickel-based mineral.

Assay for Nickel Sulphide Collection

Levels of noise

Agricultural Nutrients

Inspection of ore cargo

Commodities and Ores

Geochemistry and Consultation for a Partial Digest

Particle Size Analysis

Metal Analysis of the Platinum Group

Analysis of Precious Metals

XRF Analysis of Pressed Powder

Geological samples are Pulverized.

Mineral Sample Quarantine Services

Analysis of Rare Earth Elements

Minerals Laboratory Robotics and Automated Systems

Preparation of the Sample

Minerals Clients’ Sample Storage and Management

Sampling in accordance with international (ISO) and other national standards

Assay for Screening Fire

Choosing the Right Size

Geological Material Screening

Testing of Solid Fuels

Gas Pycnometer or Water Immersion Specific Gravity

Laser Survey Services for Stockpile Measurement

Carbon and Sulfur Analysis

Mining Extraction Testing SX-EW

Geochemistry of Terra Leach Partial Digest

Thermogravimetric Assessment 


Services for Water Quality

Geochemistry of the Whole Rock

Fluorescence of X-Rays (XRF)