Commodities and Ores:

Mineral ores, concentrates, and high-grade products are all subjected to analysis.

Sanray’s ore grade methods are most commonly used in advanced exploration and for evaluating precise objectives. Among the Total Quality Assurance approaches available are those for estimating base metal and industrial mineral resources. Fusion test methods may be used to characterise geological samples in late-stage exploration programmes that involve complete dissolution of the sample.

Options and commodities for ore grade analytical testing:

  • Exploration at a Higher Level
  • Ores and Materials of Superior Quality
  • Metals from the Earth’s Core
  • Davis Tube Recovery, as well as Iron Ore
  • Ore of Aluminium
  • Ore of Chromite
  • Ore of Nickel Laterite
  • Ore of Manganese
  • Uranium is a form of uranium.
  • Earth’s Rare Elements
  • Minerals for Industry
  • Minerals that are refractory

Many of the techniques available are ideal for trade-related shipment studies, and they can be used independently or in combination with Sanray bulk cargo surveying and sampling services.