Testing Services for Healthcare and Beauty Products

Manufacturers, manufacturers, and retailers of personal care and beauty goods have a responsibility to ensure that their products are healthy and of high quality.

Cosmetic product manufacturing and importation are subject to a variety of regulatory restrictions on their composition and application, as part of healthcare and beauty product testing services.

Sanray is a fully independent research organisation with a national laboratory network capable of providing professional experience, support, and facilities in the study of goods, raw materials, and consumer substrates to its customers. Sanray is the perfect partner for providing retailers, distributors, and suppliers with quality-assured data to help them recognize and mitigate product risk.

Our services include the following:

  • Cosmetics Safety Evaluations
  • Cosmetic Research and Development
  • Assurance of the quality of raw materials
  • Safety Testing of Products
    • Contaminants and Strictly Restricted Substances
    • Analysis and Testing of Toxic Metals
    • Control of Microbes
  • Product description
    • Physical/Chemical Requirements
    • Microstructure on the inside
  • Studies on Product-Substrate Interactions
    • Active Penetration and Delivery
    • Damage and Remediation
  • Skin Toxicity Testing in Vitro
  • Cosmetotextile Services¬†
  • Services for scientific support
  • Due diligence on packaging materials
  • An examination of packaging failures
  • Contaminant recognition
  • Assistance of customer complaints
  • Reverse engineering¬†
  • Intellectual property security