Tests on crude oil and petroleum feedstocks

Crude oil quality testing and petroleum refining feedstocks.

A global hydrocarbons laboratory network staffed with competent petroleum chemists and equipped with contemporary instrumentation provides crude oil and petroleum feedstock testing to oil refineries and other clients. The crude oil and petroleum laboratories conduct tests in accordance with ASTM, ISO, IP, and other petroleum industry standards.

Crude oil assay testing, refined product QC, troubleshooting, contamination identification, catalyst evaluation, and pilot plant services are all examples of refining technical support services. Sanray has world-class experience and resources in crude oil assay testing.

Tests on crude oil and petroleum feedstocks:

  • In crude oil, there are amines.
  • Crude oil API Gravity, Density, and Relative Density
  • Water Content, Sediment Content
  • Sulfur Concentration
  • Sulfur Detection and Content, Mercaptan Sulfur, Sulfur Species Detection
  • Testing for Crude Oil
  • CHN ASTM Testing on Carbon Residue
  • Content of Chloride and Chlorides
  • Distillation of crude oil
    • Distillation of the Atmosphere
    • Fractional Distillation
    • Distillation in Vacuum
    • Distillation at Low Pressure
    • Simulated Distillation at High Temperature (SimDis)
  • Analysis of hydrogen sulphide
  • Detecting Mercury (Trace Levels)
  • Analysis of Metals in Crude Oil
  • Methanol Concentration
  • Vapor Pressure and Pour Point
  • Sodium Content
  • Membrane Filtration of Sediment D4807
  • Wax content, viscosity, and water content

Crude oil analysis:

  • Testing of Crude Oil Quality
  • Assesment of Crude Oil and Petroleum
  • Inspection of Petroleum Cargo
  • Rail Car Services for Crude Oil
  • To thrive, oil refineries require proper nutrition.
  • Crude Oil is a type of crude oil.