Tools & Machinery

Expand your global footprint while increasing your profitability.

Extend your reach to new markets throughout the world. Demand for printing, paper, food, textiles, and other machines is increasing as global economies expand and diversify. Manufacturers must be able to provide Total Quality at every point of the supply and production chain to meet rising consumer demand. You need tailored solutions for your distinct industry needs to keep ahead in this competitive global climate. We offer a complete range of services in assurance, testing, inspection, and certification to help you gain a competitive advantage and move forward safely.

Directive on Machinery:
Demonstrate conformity with the Machinery Directive in a timely and efficient manner. Get the help and information you need to get your products to market faster.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC):  
EMC testing requires well-adapted processes that account for additional complications such as system integrators and electrical and electronic components. Our global EMC teams provide expertise in a timely and consistent manner, which is critical to your success.

Special Inspections and Field Evaluations:
Don’t let the risk of non-compliance hold you back because of your machinery’s size, dimensions, weight, or supplementary requirements. Field Evaluation, a smart inspection system, can help you get certified and reduce your time to market.

Verification of Outcomes:
Differentiate your items from the competition by proving performance, durability, efficiency, and other claims. You may rely on our network of global expertise and facilities to improve your competitive edge, from creating your technical Construction File to meeting local, national, global, or internal criteria.