Security & Safety of Life

Sanray has had a significant impact on the realm of life safety. We’ve been a partner to them all, from standard writing committees to cooperating with AHJs to identifying creative industry solutions.

Testing of Alarms, Detectors, and Controls

Quality Assurance Services for Your Security and Signaling Products

Throughout the reporting process, we are committed to remove impediments and industry hurdles for your product by providing excellent testing, unrivalled timeliness, and exceptional customer service. We can test your equipment to practically any standard in the globe thanks to our extensive accreditations and participation in many associations and standards writing groups.

Testing of Access Control Equipment

Your inventions have improved efficiencies and provided the market a sense of security. Allow us to do the same for you by assisting you in bringing your next product to market quickly, efficiently, and with confidence.

Testing of Fire and Burglar Alarms

Obtain permits from international regulatory bodies for your life safety and security devices. Our test labs are located all over the world to meet your time-to-market objectives, assuring a smooth product launch.

Testing of Smoke Detectors

When you cooperate with one test facility at one site for 3-in-1 testing to standards, you may streamline your total process.

Testing of Personal Protective Equipment

We provide comprehensive evaluations and extensive testing capabilities to match your objectives, ensuring that your product will provide long-term protection even under the most demanding or hazardous conditions.

PPE testing can be done for a variety of reasons.

Face Mask Testing and Respiratory Protection

With performance testing, you can ensure that your respiratory protection and face mask are up to par.

Protective Apparel TestingĀ 

Face masks, face shields, clothes, helmets, shin guards, work boots, and gloves are all needed to meet stringent safety and performance criteria in order to protect wearers from physical, chemical, and environmental risks.

Resistance Testing (Biological & Chemical)

Third-party testing to a full range of industry standards for permeation, penetration, and more demonstrates your commitment to safeguarding the lives of workers exposed to biological and chemical contaminants.