We serve the rail and light rail industries both nationally and internationally, providing valued Total Quality Assurance from design optimization to asset integrity management.

Sanray contributes to the continuity of rail service and the long-term viability of railway infrastructure. Inspection and testing of crude oil rail cars, metallurgy consulting, non-destructive testing, corrosion and failure analysis, rail car integrity programmes, and stray current risk assessment and management are some of the services we provide. Rail and light rail services are more important than ever as globalization, tourism, and e-commerce expand and influence the transportation business. Rapid growth, on the other hand, poses a distinct set of issues throughout the supply chain, from system design and engineering to construction firms and operations. Any organization working in the rail business must priorities efficiency, timely project delivery, and safety.

Sanray provides customized quality assurance solutions for the rail and light rail industries, allowing you to detect and eliminate risk while still satisfying safety, sustainability, and performance standards. We can contribute to the industry’s long-term viability by ensuring uninterrupted rail operation. Working with us provides you with the trustworthy and dependable technical skills you want for your products, projects, and processes, as well as the peace of mind that your company is functioning as safely and efficiently as possible.

Our rail services include the following:

  • EMC
  • Monitoring the state of the oil
  • Fuel Analysis
  • Materials Analysis & Testing
  • Testing of Lubricants and Fuel Systems
  • Testing of Batteries
  • Endurance and Performance Testing of Products
  • Stress Testing at a Rapid Pace
  • Testing of Engine Components and Durability
  • Rail Car Service for Crude Oil