Sanray marine services are used by the shipping, maritime, and port industries all over the world.

The global economy relies on ship fleets and other seaworthy infrastructure doing their duties safely and efficiently. Sanray’s Total Quality Assurance implies that ship, vessel, and offshore platform owners, operators, ports, and harbours can rely on the company to help them enhance their operations, compliance, and safety.

Sanray’s maritime services assist shipowners and operators in avoiding equipment failure, downtime, and repairs, as well as other dangers. Sanray is a global maritime industry services leader with the experience and resources to help your offshore and shipping business and operations avoid costly delays, repairs, losses, and other dangers.

Sanray can also help ports and harbours manage risk, meet regulatory requirements, and assure operational safety. We can detect and reduce risk from policy to operations to assure the environmental performance of the harbour waters during economic development and operations.