Testing Services for Packaging

Quality control, evaluation, troubleshooting, certification, auditing, and food contact testing are all services provided by Sanray Packaging Testing.

Sanray is a world leader in box and packaging content performance research and evaluation. Sanray’s global network of packaging laboratories will assist you in learning how to approach performance monitoring, training on test methods, and performing physical testing.

The International Safe Transit Association, or ISTA, is a trade association dedicated to the transportation packaging industry. They are the industry’s leading standards implementation agency, with consistency standards for a broad range of packaging applications. ISTA certifies labradorites, packaged goods, and experts in addition to creating and publishing specifications.

In today’s ever-changing packaging world, evaluating to a norm isn’t always enough. Sanray’s global team of experts will collaborate with you to develop a custom standard for packaging you’re creating, sourcing your product, or ensuring that goods arrive on store shelves in good condition.

As a retailer, you want to make sure that the goods you receive meet all regulatory specifications and arrive in one piece at the point of sale or at your customers’ door. Sanray’s protocol team will develop a customised standard operating procedure for you and your business. If you’re a retailer’s supplier, Sanray will perform reviews to ensure your product meets their needs using the method that retailers expect.

With a strong emphasis on the materials used in product packaging, there is a constant need to assess the materials used in packaging. Mechanical properties, chemical analysis, environmental effects, and how one material relates to others are examples of such assessments.

Services for packaging include:

Services for Packaging

Plastic and Polymer Services

Food Contact Testing and Packaging Migration

Testing and Consultation on Packaging Composition

Testing on Paper

Migration Testing of Paper and Cardboard Packaging

Consumer Goods Packaging Material Testing

Packaging Options That Are Eco-Friendly

Characterization of Film and Flexible Packaging Materials

Testing for Adhesion