Final Considerations

Comprehensive review of Biofuels, petroleum coke, tar, refined petroleum products, and lubricants

Sanray laboratories in strategic locations around the world perform Best Analysis work on biofuels, petroleum coke (pet-coke), biomass, other solid fuels, petroleum refined goods, and lubricants.

Moisture, ash, sulphur, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen are all considered in the final study of solid fuels. Ultimate research test samples can be conveniently sent to laboratories for quick and accurate testing.

Testing for the Ultimate Analysis:

  • ASTM D5373 final review of coal, petroleum coke, biomass, and other solid fuels
  • ASTM D5291 is a standard for determining the ultimate quality of petroleum products and lubricants.
  • ASTM D3176 final review
  • Testing of Biomass Fuel