Environmental Services for Minerals

Sanray certified environmental laboratories provide water, soil, and air testing to meet legislative, regulatory, and industry requirements, which benefits the minerals industry.

Sanray laboratories offer high-quality environmental monitoring services to the government and mining industries, assisting clients with the processing and review of a variety of samples in order to determine whether maximum permissible limits for a variety of criteria have been exceeded. Most countries have laws in place to protect natural habitats from pollution’s effects, as well as guidelines for monitoring workers’ exposure to various physical, chemical, and biological hazards that may be encountered at work. Sanray laboratories in your area have an established knowledge of government and environmental regulations and work with clients to ensure compliance.

Expert guidance on the most suitable collection methods and environmental monitoring methodologies is available to help you follow environmental guidelines. Water and air quality monitoring services, as well as the ability to characterise waste and polluted soil, are available, as are sampling and environmental testing services.

Sanray’s specialised ecotoxicology laboratory, in conjunction with Sanray environmental chemists, offers innovative and cost-effective Total Quality Assurance methods for measuring toxicity to meet the needs of industry and environmental regulators around the world.

Companies should comply with health safety standards by sampling and testing workplace hazards including respirable fibers, noise, vibration, and noxious chemicals/gases.

Environmental Testing Services for Minerals include the following:

  • Quality of Water
  • Waste Characterization and Analysis
  • Industrial Hygiene and Air Quality
  • Testing for Emissions
  • Analysis of Sediment and Soil
  • Prediction of Acid Rock Drainage (ARD)
  • On-site testing and field sampling
  • Baseline Research
  • Services in Ecotoxicology