Testing of Automotive Materials

Plastics, composites, elastomers, textiles, and metals are all tested in the automotive industry.

Sanray has its own dedicated and independent automotive materials testing and knowledge centres, which provide expertise in accordance with worldwide, customer-specific, and OEM standards. Sanray experts are members of standardisation committees and branch groups, giving them firsthand knowledge of current automobile advances. Material testing at Sanray includes both interior and external materials.

Automotive Material Testing Services by Sanray:

  • Testing of Adhesives
  • Aging at a Rapid Rate
  • Chemical Resistance and Chemical Testing & Analysis
  • Paints and coatings
  • Composites Evaluation
  • Services for Failure Analysis
  • Combustibility
  • The fogging
  • Service for the Global Automotive Declarable Substances List (GADSL)
  • Mechanical Evaluation
  • Metallurgy is the study of metal.
  • Optical Evaluation
  • Testing of Performance
  • Testing of Polymers and Plastics in the Automotive Industry
  • Services offered by PPAP
  • Examining the Surface
  • Assistance with R&D
  • Fabric
  • Testing and Assessment of Quality
  • Testing for VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)