Testing of Materials

Materials testing offers assurance that components used in your infrastructure or products are fit for purpose and capable of performing over their expected lifespan.

Materials testing is a method of ensuring that the infrastructure and critical equipment can continue to operate, will degrade minimally, and will be engineered for maximum efficiency. Materials testing may also provide a wealth of knowledge about the materials you’re designing or integrating into goods, allowing you to ensure they meet your expectations.

Developing, operating, and manufacturing critical materials that are fit for purpose is a problem for many industries around the world. You need trust that the equipment and systems can last to the end of its design life, with minimal maintenance, malfunction prevention, and mechanical strength prioritized and prepared for. To optimize your R&D programmes, you’ll need a thorough understanding of the materials or items you’re working on.

We are your perfect partner to provide the independent and industry-leading services you need, having conducted materials testing for customers for over four decades. Infrastructure, aerospace and automotive parts, plastics, composites, polymers, Materials for construction, and more are all areas of expertise for us.

In addition to materials inspection, Sanray offers a variety of Total Quality Assurance services. Nondestructive Monitoring, Corrosion Testing, Materials analysis, Asset integrity management, Fatigue testing, Services for Oil and gas Corrosion, Metallurgy, Analysis of Failure, Mechanical and physical examinations, and the availability of expert witnesses are among the services offered.

We are the perfect provider for your materials research, providing you with the expertise you need on material properties, power, durability, and efficiency thanks to our unique combination of local and global experience and internationally renowned experts leading our teams.

Sanray aspires to be your trusted Total Quality Assurance materials testing partner, allowing you to integrate your critical resources and streamline your processes in addition to providing solutions on a project-by-project basis.