Detection and Analysis of Contamination

Expertise in contamination testing, detection, analysis, troubleshooting, and resolution to reduce downtime, preserve customer confidence, and ensure quality and safety.

Contamination testing, detection, identification, and analysis are all critical phases in resolving suspected product and process contamination. A contamination problem can create a highly sensitive situation in which many resources are focused on inspecting the sample and/or site, identifying the contaminants, searching for their sources, and resolving the issue, as the issue might potentially jeopardise your product’s safety, performance, and reputation as a manufacturer or a leading brand.

Contamination can come from a variety of sources and take many different shapes. It can appear in samples from a variety of industries, including chemicals, flexible electronics, cosmetics, food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and petroleum, as particles, fibres, impurities, gels, discolouration, cloudy or opaque matter, stains, metal fragments/metals & trace compounds, degradation products, surface residues, reaction by-products, and catalyst residues.

Our contamination testing experts provide a strategy response to a contamination incident that includes both a stringent risk assessment approach and investigative insight, with a focus on accurate identification of the nature of the pollutant, determination of its source, and rapid resolution using essential techniques such as spectroscopy and microscopy.

To immediately comprehend the contamination problem, we detect, isolate, and identify suspected contaminants down to trace and ultra-trace levels. We are normally skilled in working with a variety of sample types, including liquids, solids, gases, surfaces, powders & particles, metals, polymers, formulated chemical products, silicones, greases, lubricants, cleaning agents, organic and inorganic materials.

We recognise that time is of the essence in any contamination issue, and as a result, we specialise in quick issue solving, long-term solutions, and client support for contamination management and decontamination in a variety of manufacturing sectors, products, and markets.

Our laboratories are manned by industry-experienced professionals that provide an independent, professional resource, leading you through the challenges you may be encountering using a variety of proven and innovative analytical techniques.