Adhesive Performance Testing

Advanced adhesive performance testing for aerospace, construction, energy, automotive, and other industries.

Adhesive performance testing is required to assess the long-term dependability and durability of adhesive materials in a variety of applications, including bonding composites, core structures, plastics, metal, and wood substrates.
Failure can be caused by a variety of factors, including inappropriate resin or additive selection, insufficient quantities and cures, contamination and cross-contamination concerns, substrate concerns, and formulation concerns.

For adhesive materials used in a number of industries and applications, such as aerospace, automotive, and construction, our experts offer quick and precise performance test data. Our data aids material engineers in the selection of materials for applications across worldwide markets, and includes tensile, shear, and peel strength measures, as well as other adhesive property testing including impact, odour, and ageing. Hot/wet/dry testing was carried out at ambient, high, and lowered temperatures.

Chemical analysis and development support tests, quality assurance programmes, and troubleshooting analysis investigations are also available.

Strength Testing of Adhesives:

  • Adhesive Bond Peel or Stripping Strength (180 degree peel)
  • Ply Adhesion / Bond Strength
  • Adhesive Peeling Climbing Drum
  • Adhesion of the Peel
  • Adhesion of Peel to Rigid Substrates
  • Adhesive Peeling (T-Peel)
  • Adhesive Peeling Using a Floating Roller

Metals for Lap Shear

  • Plastics Adhesively Bonded by Lap Shear
  • Sandwich Joints with Lap Shears
  • Adhesive Joints for Lap Shear
  • Thick Adherent Metal Lap Shear
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastics Lap Shear Adhesion
  • Properties of Tensile Adhesion
  • Sandwich Construction Tensile Strength (Flatwise Tensile)

Additional Adhesive Tests include the following:

  • Artificial Light Exposure of Adhesives (QUV)
  • Odor of Adhesives Determination
  • Moisture Management