Industry of Retail

Sanray provides consumer product assurance, testing, inspection, and certification services to ensure product safety and regulatory compliance, as well as to maintain quality and performance standards, so that global retailers and brands can reduce risk, build consumer trust, and foster brand loyalty.
Sanray works with the supply chains of more than one-third of all worldwide retailers to ensure that the items they sell fulfil stringent industry standards while also decreasing time to market and total costs. For the following product categories, Sanray provides comprehensive quality and safety services to retailers:We assist our retail customers in establishing, meeting, maintaining, and evolving quality, safety, and performance requirements for their product lines, business operations, and supply chains, ensuring product development and production.

 product categories:

Sanray provides technological experience, tools, and resources to keep our retail customers ahead of industry trends as a pioneer in the consumer products testing sector. Sanray provides Total Quality Assurance solutions to our retail customers to help them scale their business and maintain a competitive advantage.