Services for Textiles and Apparel

Sanray’s customised solutions help retailers, brands, and producers of textile items, garments, and home textiles verify the safety, quality, and performance of their products with pinpoint accuracy, resulting in faster time to market.

Sanray tests protective clothes, activewear, children’s and adult apparel (pyjamas, sweaters, jeans, outerwear), fashion accessories (scarves, belts), soft home furnishings (beds, curtains, upholstery), and medical textiles, ranging from fabric samples to final goods. We assist our customers in going above and beyond regulatory standards in order to constantly meet consumer demand for high quality, limit reputational risk, reduce environmental consequences, and safeguard the interests of retailers, brands, textile manufacturers, and consumers.

We provide pre-, during, and post-production textile and garment inspection services to ensure product quality by finding faults and deviations, evaluating workmanship, validating safety properties, and loading paperwork. In addition, Sanray’s textile certification services assist retailers in demonstrating due diligence by certifying suppliers. Textile and garment customers can benefit from Sanray’s textile auditing services, which analyse manufacturing facilities. Textile and apparel auditing is a crucial step in ensuring that a manufacturer’s portfolio and capabilities, as well as compliance with standards and regulations, are all in order.

Sanray’s textile and garment sector services assist retailers, brands, and manufacturers in maintaining quality and safety while fostering consumer trust and loyalty.¬†As part of our commitment to offering Total Quality Assurance, Sanray assists customers in building, maintaining, and protecting their brands through supply chain assurance and consultancy services that go above and beyond regulatory compliance.