Sanray's Packaging Solutions

Sanray is there for you at every stage of the supply chain, no matter where you are in the world.

Sanray provides comprehensive industry leading packaging solutions to industries ranging from food contact (migration testing and NIAS), polymers & plastics, industrial & consumer products, cosmetics, medical, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and many others through our global network of experts through our Assurance, Testing, Inspection, and Certification services.

Sanray also facilitates the development, measurement, and reporting of sustainable packaging claims in response to rising e-commerce trends and customer demand for sustainable products and packaging. This includes rethinking package design, carbon footprinting, recycled content, expanded producer accountability, and environmental effect evaluation throughout the package’s life cycle. From raw materials to disposal, Sanray can assess a package’s environmental impact and help with decision-making.

Our global network of regulatory experts assists our customers in navigating their products through the vast array of regulations and standards that exist around the world; we provide the confidence and assurance required to reduce risk and quickly bring packaging solutions to the jurisdictions of their choice. Sanray offers a variety of assurance services to assist you better understand both market-driven and regulatory packaging needs. Among the services provided are:

  • Risk Assessments by Regulatory Consulting
  • Leachables & Extractables
  • Requirements for Labeling
  • Design & Optimization of Packaging
  • Assessments of Environmental Impact
  • Producer Responsibilities Are Expanded, And Fees Are Managed

Analyses and tests:

Testing and analysis are an important part of the packaging design, production, and use process. Sanray will conduct testing in accordance with industry standards such as the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) and custom processes. Sanray provides a wide range of analytical services in addition to physical package examination, including:

  • Services for Food Contact Testing (Migration Testing)
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Analysis of Failure
  • Characterization of Materials
  • Services for Paper Product Testing
    • Detection and analysis of bisphenol-A
    • Polymers and plastics have barrier qualities.