Internet of Things (IoT)

Sanray’s Connected World delivers the services required to launch and maintain secure, effective Internet of Things products (IoT)
The number of connected devices is growing rapidly around the world as wireless communications technology improves and costs fall, allowing businesses ranging from manufacturers, brands, and retailers to industrial process plants and “smart” cities to connect their products to the Internet of Things.

The comprehensive services offered by Sanray Connected World enable clients to quickly deploy secure, effective, and high-performing solutions that comply with global regulatory requirements.

Wireless Device Testing & Connectivity

Sanray’s expert team walks you through global carrier, industry, and government requirements for certifying handsets, wireless devices, mobile accessories, and more.

Product and Device Cybersecurity

We work with you to simplify and streamline the cyber security certifications for your product. Your product is our top priority, from Common Criteria through IEC 62443 and beyond.

Network and Organizational Cybersecurity

Penetration testing, employee training, auditing, and consultancy are all ways to ensure that your organization’s IT infrastructure and applications are as secure as possible.

Infrastructure & Telecoms

For seamless operations between carriers, networks, devices, and the equipment in between, solutions that bridge telecommunications and infrastructure needs are needed.

IoT Interoperability and Performance Testing

With Benchmarking, Comparison, and Usability Testing, you can confidently set your product apart from the competition while lowering risk and safeguarding your brand.

Regulatory Compliance for the Internet of Things

Ensure your product is authorized and market ready with the essential approvals, which range from ETL to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) accreditation and testing.