Households and Home Decor

Establish compliance with quality and global safety standards and regulations for your household products.

Sanray assists you in ensuring that your household products meet quality and safety standards and regulations, from candles to flatware, picture frames to pet toys. Sanray’s global network provides innovative assurance, testing, inspection, and certification services for your housewares and home décor goods, ensuring overall quality assurance by testing the physical, mechanical, and chemical attributes of each product.

The following are some of the categories of housewares and home décor we offer:

Conducting safety testing on candles, room scenters, gel candles, nightlights, tea lights, and lanterns to assist candle makers in reducing hazards such as house fires, property damage, burn injuries, and poisonous coating materials or soot-related ill effects.

Articles Involving Food:
Sanray can assist you in ensuring that all of your household and kitchen products that come into contact with food and drink, such as flatware, plates, bowls, glasses, cookware, and cutlery, are safe to use in our homes and in our everyday lives.

Seasonal and Home Décor Items:
Consumers are often unaware of the possible dangers linked with their home décor and seasonal objects, whether seasonal or permanent. Conducting precise performance and material tests to assist reduce the risk of harm and ensure the safety and quality of household ornamental products.

Promotional Items:
Sanray is familiar with the compliance and safety issues that retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of premiums and promotional products face, and can provide a variety of services to provide a positive first impression.

Window Treatments:
Manufacturers of window covering goods with no cords or inaccessible inner cords can use the “Best for Kids” Training Program to verify their products as authorized for use in facilities with young children.

Pet Supplies:
Sanray delivers technical experience and industry insight to assist manufacturers and retailers develop quality and safety into pet goods, giving them a competitive advantage.