Consumer Electronics and Appliances Testing

Develop high-quality items for the worldwide market quickly and efficiently.

Sanray is trusted by leading appliance and electronics manufacturers to provide a Total Quality Assurance solution for their products and processes. From unparalleled testing and product certification speed to a breadth of services, global laboratories and experts, and leadership in performance and benchmark testing, Sanray offers the most comprehensive solutions available anywhere.

Industry Drivers & Regulatory Requirements

We understand the importance of testing, the pressures of meeting deadlines, and the factors that influence marketability. Ascertain that your items adhere to all applicable global and local regulations.

Performance Evaluation

Our experience allows us to apply best-in-class procedures to ensure that your product is market-ready. Performance testing gives you confidence in the quality and competitive advantages of your product, lowering your risk and protecting your brand.


We’re passionate about forming collaborations that go beyond regulatory compliance. Our wide range of services helps clients with product design, supply chain inspections, facility productivity assessments, and ensuring that your products, systems, and people are all working together to boost your market position.

Product Groupings

The consumer electronics and appliances market has a wide range of items and a global reach. Learn more about Sanray’s industry-leading service portfolio, which spans products and geographies.