Sanray creates quality and safety testing solutions for fashion accessory businesses, retailers, and manufacturers to verify that their items comply with international norms as well as their own.

Sanray’s global network offers the fashion accessories industry end-to-end quality assurance solutions, including testing and inspection services, to reduce risk at every stage of development and production. Sanray experts assess and test the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of your fashion accessories, from components such as zippers, linings, interlinings, buckles, clasps, and buttons, to finished products such as jewellery, belts, and handbags, allowing you to quickly bring your products to market.

The following goods are part of our fashion accessory industry solutions:

Testing of Jewelry

Sanray provides compliance testing for both children’s and adult fashion jewellery, as well as performance testing to assess torque, tension, compression, flammability, corrosion resistance, and more.

Testing of Eyewear

Sanray assures that your eyewear satisfies the minimum performance and quality requirements in markets all over the world. We test optical power (spherical, astigmatic, and prismatic) qualities of lenses and frames for nominal size tolerances, screw thread tolerances, dimensional stability at extreme temperatures, sweat resistance, bridge deformation, nickel release, and more.

Testing of Luggage and Bags

On a wide range of luggage, bags, and purses, Sanray undertakes quality control testing for fastening strength, buckles, handles, and wheels / rollers, among other things.

Testing of Handbags

As part of the quality assessment of handbags and small luggage items, Sanray analyses the strength of straps and strap fastenings. We conduct strength testing with cutting-edge technology to determine the likelihood of strap failures, whether at fastenings (e.g., buckles) or where the strap is fastened to the item’s body. A full variety of colorfastness and water spotting tests can also be done to assess the danger of colour transfer to garments, as well as the possibility of leather finishes blistering when exposed to water.

Examination of leather

Sanray offers a wide range of leather goods testing and assurance services, including garments, belts, small products, and more.


Sanray labs not only ensure adherence to national and international chemical standards, but also offer prototype advising services, production and pre-shipment specifications, and other approaches tailored to your high-quality accessories.

Assurance and auditing

Sanray also assists clients in the development, maintenance, and protection of their trademarks through assurance and consultancy services that go beyond regulatory compliance to bring quality and safety to life.