Personal Care & Beauty

Sanray offers a wide range of services to ensure the quality, safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance of beauty and personal care products.

Product safety and quality are critical whether you’re a global producer, an international brand, a retailer, or an importer of beauty and personal care items. A continually changing regulatory landscape and the emergence of new technologies drive the beauty and personal care business. The effective development of new cosmetics products requires innovation. However, the sector is constantly pushed to provide safe, effective, and compliant goods that fulfil the criteria of both regulation and customers when new ingredients and materials are introduced.

The following are some of the Sanray solutions:

  • Solutions for Beauty and Personal Care Research and Development
  • Cosmetic Toxicology and Safety Assessment Services
  • Trials of personal care products to back up claims of efficacy, safety, and efficacy
  • Oral Care Product Laboratory Testing in Vitro
  • Cosmetic Analytical Testing
  • Laboratory experience in alternative testing methods such as in vitro, in silico, and in chemico
  • Regulatory and Scientific Consultation
  • Services for supply chain management and auditing